A Creative Agency


We at 103 discuss ideas from day to dawn, that's our favorite time pass. With highly efficient idea generators in our team we get new perception of looking at the old things or we innovate a new one by beating our heads on the beats and vibes of trance.

We discuss ideas.


At 103 we have a strong passion for visualizing ideas generated. A crack team with tons of caffeine and highly sophisticated machines does the job for us.

We visualize ideas.


We own the responsibility for giving life to our ideas.This is at the cost of all those sleepless,interesting,crazy nights and days.Thus what we achieve is visually immaculate.

We execute ideas.

Happy People :)

At the end of the whole process, we like to see people happy and less worried . Happy people makes the world radiant which in turn makes us fortunate.

We make our customers happy.

Passionately Curious

we love what we do


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Our clients

We are grateful to our clients who had inspired us a lot.

Clients have been the most important part of our journey so far, and we are very happy with the people we had worked with. We make sure that at the end of the day they walk away with more than what they had came for.